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Gabay is a virtual offering where you may book a one-on-one consultation with Gabes. In your time together, you may engage with the following themes:

  • The decolonization of
    • mental health
    • academia
    • creativity + music
    • theology + the church
    • racial identity
  • Ancestral interconnectedness and reverence
  • Racial, migration, and postcolonial trauma
  • Internalized oppression and colonial mentality
  • The intergenerational transmission of trauma and resilience
  • Intersectionality + antiracism
  • .. and so forth.

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What is this workshop about?

This virtual workshop will be a collective exploration of what it means to connect with our ancestors through our own connections with ourselves, each other, and the natural world.

We set the space and facilitate with an understanding that we can access our freedom and healing more in collective and intergenerational contexts.

The workshop is designed to make room for and bear witness to the grief, joy, anger, and medicine we inherited and intuitively feel from our ancestors.



Together, we will:

  • Connect / learn to connect with ancestors through our own stories, bodies, altars, & collective reflections
  • Be present with the intergenerational transmission of trauma and medicine
  • Engage with what it means to be both a descendant and ancestor by blood and / or by spirit
  • Practice embodiment work + mindfulness collectively
  • Bear witness and reflect ancient wisdom with community in the spirit of consent and invitation

A digital guide (with an audio version) with suggested preparation work will be given weeks prior the first session, as well as a digital handbook during actual sessions.

What participants in the past have said about this workshop:

This workshop allowed me to explore feelings I haven’t been able to talk about never before. I recognized the importance of listening to myself and the histories I carry in my body so I could make room for healing me, my ancestras and my descendants. I found hope in moments where I felt lost and I’ll be eternally grateful for that.
Mercedes Condori Aguilar, Transfeminist & anti-racist psychologist

I felt connected to my ancestors and felt a renewed resolve to connect to my ancestors as a daily practice and a part of my spiritual and emotional development (grounding). [I loved] the intentionality of Gabes creating space by acknowledging and telling the truth about so many marginalized identities.
Justina Grayman, PhD, psychologist & artist

I loved the space provided, [and how] lots of attention was paid to ensure that that was evident, and that it was a safe space to be vulnerable and dive into (or dip your toes into) waters not yet tested. There was no pressure to live up to or achieve anything, it was about openness, and in turn that provided more opportunity to really discover new things. I look forward to diving deeper.
Mal Tayag, Creative director & producer

This workshop is exactly what I needed at this time. I loved how Gabes primed our group and the space for the workshop with the thorough email and her introductory segment on the first day. She really created a safe space to be vulnerable but challenge ourselves (within our own individual means). I’ve been looking for a BIPOC only space where I can further explore and heal from intergenerational trauma and find others that are on a similar part of their healing journeys. It’s been extremely validating to know I’m not alone in my curiosity and search for ancestral interconnectedness. I also appreciate the different learning modalities in which we can explore that interconnectedness and reflect. I also appreciate the opportunities for individuals to share their thoughts and how we were very conscious in giving each other space. Gabes was truly an amazing guide and I am truly blessed to be a part of this group.
— Melissa Belgira

I loved the warm welcome, the cozy energy that embraced the atmosphere and connected us not only with our ancestors but with each one of us.
My heart was touched by every word, by [what] each experienced, that was shared by others and by every memory that came to my mind. I felt the strength influenced by my ancestors, but I also felt the rage knotting in my throat and the pain running down my cheeks.
On a walk through my memories, I rescued the moments with my lolo, his words of encouragement, love and strength. I felt his hands spreading life and his aura covering me with protection.
— Cristy Palalay

This workshop has been transformative and life-changing. I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with folks from different walks of life and be in community and shared vulnerability. I appreciate the various levels folks were entering in terms of identity, ancestral connections and where they were at in their journey of healing. I was feeling disconnected from my guides and ancestors. I think there was a part of me that just struggled with some of their imperfections when they were living in this realm and couldn’t reconcile what the work would look like. I wasn’t sure how to work with them if I didn’t feel resolved about my relationships or the trauma that impacted them. I appreciate the space that was created for us to express grief, hold our complex feelings and do so in community. I enjoyed the space we made for levity and humor. It reminded me that we can hold grief and joy inside of us. That all parts of us are welcome. I also have been reflecting on spiritual ancestors and this workshop really affirmed that your ancestors are not just biological or blood kin. And that was something I really appreciated it.
— Biany P.

I never thought I’d have the chance to feel connected to my grandmother again. The circumstances around her passing were tragic for me, and I hadn’t realized how much grief and rage I was still holding. The potency of the emotions that arose helped me to realize that maybe I wasn’t just crying for me. I am not just angry for me. I’m angry on behalf of my people. I cry for my people. This maybe doesn’t sound like a gift but it felt true, empowering, and offered me a way to continue to cultivate connection. I also loved the connection with the group members, it helped me to feel less alone while it also gave me a portal for understanding the different ways we may want to or need to engage our ancestors.
— Anonymous

[This workshop] was powerful. I haven’t felt like myself for a long time. But this workshop helped to shift and heal something in me. I felt like I returned to myself and remembered who I am in my purpose.
— Anonymous

It was a beautiful and brave space. I felt seen for my complexity and was honored to witness others on their journeys with respect to their own intricate histories. Thank you for outlining the guiding principles and embracing the mysteries of this work. What we cannot see or explain still carries meaning in this world.
— Anonymous

I found Gabes through a podcast she had spoken on, and her words were the exact thing that I needed to hear at a time when I was feeling both anger and longing over my complex sense of belonging with my heritage. When I attended her workshop on ancestral connection, it felt like home. From the beautiful materials she organized to the wisdom and compassion in her facilitation, the workshop was a wonderful space in which I felt connected with my kin, ancestors and culture. It gave me a sense of hope and some tools for a mindful, decolonized spiritual practice.
— Liz N.

This workshop was a beautiful experience. It was reflective and deep yet accessible and approachable. Going in I didn’t know what to expect and had a little nervousness around the idea of connecting with my ancestors. However, at no point did this feel too otherworldly or out of sync with the journey that I’m already on personally. It was an entirely safe space. I appreciated the framing, all the exercises, and Gabes’ thoughtful pacing. What we were able to come away with is precious to me. If you are BIPOC and engaging in decolonizing work, this is for you.
— Charisse S.

The Heritage of Stories workshop was deeply impactful, helping to unearth feelings I did not yet have language for and a longing to heal wounds I did not know I was carrying. Gabes is a phenomenal facilitator, asking the question what type of ancestor do you want to be? She provides a decolonized approach to healing, spirituality and mindfulness. I walked away from this workshop feeling immensely grateful not just for Gabes’ wisdom, but for the space created to find an interconnectedness with my heritage.
— Vanessa H.

During the Heritage of Stories workshop, I was blown away by the intentionality and planning that went into preparing us leading up to and during our time. From a playlist to put me in space of reflection, to the suggested action items for me to connect with my ancestral heritage I came in primed and ready to connect with the thread of my collection of people.

The most moving part of the workshop for me was the exercise of writing a letter to my descendants. Introducing a ritual like this into the legacy I get to leave my children, my children’s children and anyone else who follows my work was such a powerful culmination. Weaving my stories together and imagining what I hope to pass on was powerful and something I plan to continue living into.
—Vanessa S.

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