Mabuhay! Thank you for being here.

Gabay (n. guide) is an offering where you may book a consultation or so with Gabes.

In your time together, you may engage with the following themes:

  • Anti-oppression in the realms of
    • mental health
    • education
    • creativity
    • spirituality
  • Transformative justice, mutual aid, and community safety
  • Ancestral trauma, interconnectedness, and medicine
  • Racial, migration, and postcolonial trauma
  • Internalized oppression and colonial mentality
  • International solidarity in a time of an increased awareness of a global crisis
  • .. and so forth.

Frequency: Completing the form allows for a one-time meeting.

If you wish to have more than one session, you may have a conversation with Gabes during or after your first session to decide on next steps together.

Duration: A session will be 45-50 minutes in length depending on the topic/s or questions you intend to address.

Rate: In the spirit of mutual aid, this will be a donations-based offering with an encouraged rate of $80-$120 depending on the topic/s or questions you intend to address.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This offering will not be held in a clinical capacity. Gabes has the right to say no to inquiries about therapy referrals and concerns about one’s personal mental health.

Finding therapeutic care is absolutely possible, and you may use a search engine to find therapists near you. Some helpful resource pages in finding clinical services for people of the global majority / BIPOC / racialized folks: Ayana Therapy, Therapy for Black GirlsInclusive Therapists, and Open Path Collective.

Additionally, Gabes also has the right to say no to providing support that ought to be within a clinical context and/or that is beyond her boundary of exerting mental and emotional labor. If this is the case, she or a member of her team will respond to ask for more clarification and/or recommended directions or resources.

The process starts by completing this form. Its purpose is to get to know you and to see what questions or topics you intend to engage with during this meeting. It basically asks how Gabes can support you in your time together.

After you complete this form, Gabes will review your submission and reach out to you about the decision whether or not to move forward with a consultation.

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Grateful you stopped by.