“Formidable & Loved” Live at Help Gabes Stay

From the Help Gabes Stay Live Music Fundraiser at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, December 15.
Video by Austin Huelsbeck

“Formidable & Loved”
Music & lyrics by Gabes Torres

Every night when you retire
D F#m
What do you say to the child inside
Who dreamt big and wild
And got you by

I would say, “oh, little one,
D F#m
You have had it all along
In your hope, your freedom songs,
In your search for home

A D F#m E
You have that sweet, fierce something
That makes the crowds do more than just exist
Bm E A
You make them- you make them want to live.”

And today, we still find a way
D F#m
to be seen, to be safe
Bm. E
And tell the world we’ve always had a name and a place

Would you say it takes so long
D F#m
to be heard, to show what’s wrong
Bm E
we didn’t need to have to be this strong
We shouldn’t need to have to be this strong

To learn more about this fundraising campaign, please visit: http://www.gofund.com/help-Gabes-stay

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