“Formidable & Loved: The Story of a Migrant”


FREE ADMISSION. Invite your friends!

Through music, storytelling, and poetry, we will explore the dynamics and issues exclusive to the minority experience in the United States.

While it is necessary to talk about immigration, systemic oppression, stereotypes, etc., we easily get “in our heads” with these matters and still miss the person’s face by focusing on the system more than the story.

Here, we will engage the impact of family separation, the “standardized” images of beauty, interracial relationships, invisibility and marginalia, and the heartache from not having a home.

This is a night of being open and vulnerable, learning more about what it’s like to be in community during this cultural moment.

This show will be opened by multi-talented artist, Brian J. Evans.

This event is a part of Gabes’ fundraising campaign—a campaign that will assist her in completing her Masters in Counseling Psychology, which focus on postcolonial trauma, racial identity, and intersectional feminism.

Due to issues that concern family and immigration, it has become financially challenging for her to fund for her education on her own, even though she is so close and has already secured an internship site (which was offered only a few hours after her interview). So, we are boldly asking for your generous consideration to give, so that Gabes may continue to stay in the US, to complete her schooling, and to keep doing her invaluable work of advocating for minority communities through her clinical work and music + speaking engagements.

More information about the fundraising platform coming soon!

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