I had the very fortunate pleasure of meeting Gabes Torres while at retreat, WIDEN 2019. She was my small group leader, but I quickly learned that her leading was hardly “small”. An encounter with Gabes is a deeply communal one at a very long and welcoming table where everyone gets fed. What she offers in her writing, teaching, speaking and music is expansive, crossing generations and patriarchal boundaries to lead her students to a greater sense of Self. I literally sat at her feet drinking deeply from her workshop, Decolonization As A Spiritual Practice. All I can say is that whatever she is doing in the world, I am here for both the challenges and blessings that it brings.

unnamed—Marcie Alvis-Walker, Founder of Black Coffee with White Friends and Mockingbird History Lessons




Our work is intrinsically personal and connected to the decolonization of our minds in order to move forward with a better future. Gabes’ extensive knowledge of that along with her care and consideration has been indispensable to our progress as a company. Her navigation of these discussions that are scarce in our community contributes to an overall wealth that is invaluable to our culture.
jv012020.jpg— Jan Vincent Gonzales, Founder and Director of Jan Vincent Gonzales and Mercado Vicente
Photograph by Ryan Luy





My time with Gabes has ushered in a movement of self-actualization. Gabes’ commitment to create spaces wherever she goes encourages folx to be present. Like coming back home, working with Gabes feels comfortably urgent: that our work is monumentally important and can be accomplished with ease, as we rally around radical compassion, audacious love, and unrelenting empathy. I’m a better artist, person, human having the opportunity to work and create with Gabes, and for that I will be forever grateful!

unnamed (1)Brian J. Evans, Artist and Professor at the University of Washington




Gabes is genuine, nuanced, and compassionate. Her voice has been an oasis of clarity, joy, and friendship; I am immensely grateful for these things, and more.

IMG_2216.jpg — Miko Garrido, CEO and Founder of Dorxata
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