“Decolonizing the ‘Stranger'” by Gabes Torres – Jubilee Conference, 2020


The audio recording from my speaking engagement at the Jubilee Conference, February 2020.

As a preface, this talk discusses the Christian faith and the American church in a time of awakening, where we all the more uncover the realities of inequity and injustice in North America.

I recognize that the Church has been actively participating in and complicit to different types of abuse and trauma, and I am also aware that some of you experienced this directly and in varying degrees. With that, I respect and value the decision that some of you will make to not listen to this audio recording. Thank you for taking care of yourselves.

In my talks, I typically alternate the use of pronouns in referring to G-d. But because the conference relatively leaned to a more conservative confession of the Christian faith than mine, I chose to only use ‘he/him/his’ pronouns to not distance people from the themes of justice, et. al. All that to say is, the way I expressed my theology in this speaking engagement, particularly my view of G-d and gender, is incomplete.

Enjoy. I welcome reflections, questions, etc.